The Battle of the Bra Bulge – How Can Kybella Do Wonders in That?

We all know Kybella as a very effective cosmetic treatment that addresses the annoying double chins all of us might have. Kybella works by killing the fat cells present in the chin area and therefore has long-term results you can enjoy after having the treatment. Many people vouch for it, and even the US Food and Drug Administration agrees with Kybella’s effectiveness and safety. However, we have no idea that Kybella has another use. Back then, we knew Kybella to effectively address your chin fat, but now, it can also be used to manage “bra bulge.” Many women experience having these coming out of their shirts, especially if they wear sleeveless ones or tank tops. It can be unsightly to most people, especially if you wear a strapless evening gown or a gorgeous-looking sleeveless top.

This article will discuss how Kybella can help you get rid of the bra bulge, along with the process of how it works, the benefits, and what to expect after the treatment.

Brabella: How Kybella Works for the Bra Bulge

For those unfamiliar with Kybella, it is a minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure in which the doctor injects deoxycholic acid manufactured in the laboratory, also called Kybella. Deoxycholic acid is already present in our system. This works to eliminate any fat cells present in the chin area.

When they are eliminated, they get flushed out of our bodies through the normal flushing process, leaving you with a fat cell-free chin area. When no fat cells exist in the area, this makes it virtually impossible to gain weight there. This means Kybella provides results that will last a long time, along with exercise and a proper diet.

The same concept for Kybella under the chin will be used to address the bra bulge. This process is now called Brabella, meaning bra + Kybella. The doctor will inject the Kybella formulation on the bra bulge area, which is situated in the armpit area, or the part that folds when our hands and arms are lowered.

Kybella will now work to destroy the fat cells in the area, and it will leave you with an armpit area that no longer has the bra bulge. Aided with proper diet and exercise, the results from Brabella will last much longer.

Benefits of Kybella

One of the known benefits of Kybella is the direct elimination of fat cells on whichever area it was administered. The fat cells will be killed, then eventually break down into pieces, allowing the body to dispose of the dead fat cells through excretion and other natural processes.

Once the body part has no fat cells, it will be virtually impossible for new fat cells to multiply. This helps you achieve that goal of eliminating those fat pockets in places such as the chin and, now, the armpit area.

Kybella is also safe, as it is recommended by the US Food and Drug Administration. When a particular product is recommended by the FDA, it has undergone a series of stringent tests, ensuring the safety and security of those receiving it. Many people have vouched for Kybella’s efficacy in removing those stubborn fat pockets that traditional exercise cannot remove.

Kybella is also minimally invasive. This term means that you do not have to undergo any incisions or surgery to perform the procedure. Traditionally, liposuction has surgical elements that can make people hesitant and uncomfortable to take the process.

With Kybella, the only pain you will experience is the pricks of the needles from the injection. Apart from those, you can say that the procedure is painless, depending on your pain tolerance.

Lastly, Kybella has no downtime. Liposuction will leave you with cuts and open wounds that need to be entirely healed before you can go back to work. This can make people feel more hesitant to make this procedure as they might have to file long leaves at work, and they are unsure if they can be approved.

With Kybella, there is no downtime. You can quickly get back to work without having to worry about wounds opening all of a sudden. There are activities that you must postpone for a few days. Still, after that, you can go back to your normal daily activities without any hassles.

Results and When We Can See Them

As mentioned above, Kybella can eliminate your bra bulge as quickly and as naturally as possible. The results you will get are permanent, but you should never leave out exercise and a healthy diet as they can help you maintain your figure without spending a lot of money on treatments.

You can easily see the results on the first set of treatments, generally within a few weeks. You might have some swelling or redness from the procedure, but they are normal, and they typically go away after a few days.

You must have consistent Kybella sessions that are spaced four to six weeks from each other to achieve your desired result. You can talk to your trusted doctor about the procedure so that they can come up with an effective treatment plan for your convenience.

Side Effects of Kybella

Kybella also has some side effects that people can experience after the treatment with many other cosmetic treatments. However, these are classified as mild side effects, and most patients have experienced these after the procedure.

Some known side effects include pain and discomfort around the injection area, swelling, redness, irritation, and some bruises. You do not need to worry about these as they tend to go away after a few days.

However, if the symptoms persist for a few weeks without improvement, consult a doctor right away. These cases are rare, yet you still need to address them as soon as possible to prevent any complications.

Apart from those, Kybella has generally no severe side effects recorded. This is one of the reasons why many people prefer Kybella more than any other fat-burning and reduction treatments available nowadays.

Our Takeaway

Kybella is known to be an effective treatment for double chins. Still, since it has been very effective in eliminating fat cells in the area, it is now used to address other parts with stubborn fat pockets, such as the bra bulge.

It can be an eyesore to most people, so it is perfectly understandable why they want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Kybella uses the same process in getting rid of the bra bulge, leaving you with permanent results that you can enjoy for a long time. Dr. Hillary knows how uncomfortable it can be for some people to be judged based on their physical appearance, so she has dedicated her life and craft to improving her patients’ lives, one cosmetic procedure at a time. She offers Kybella and other revolutionary treatments to ensure that everyone feels confident of their own skin when they step out of her office.

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