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Injectables Training

Interested in becoming trained to be a cosmetic injector? Here are a few details you need to know!

To start, in Utah (and most states) you have to be licensed as a registered nurse (RN), physician’s assistant (PA), nurse practitioner (NP), physician (MD/DO), or dentist (DDS) in order to be trained as an injector. An RN must work under an NP or MD as their medical director for proper supervisory requirements. Many states require a PA to have an MD as a medical director as well.

A Botox or filler certificate or extra license is NOT technically required in order to inject as long as the aforementioned licenses are maintained because Botox/Fillers are prescription medications, just like you would prescribe/administer Metoprolol or Oxycodone. (Hence why an RN needs an NP/MD/DO to sign off or write a standing order such as you would in a hospital setting).

Cosmetic injections in the untrained hand can cause significant safety issues and health concerns for clients. It is imperative to be selective in taking a robust training course to give you the best opportunity to learn and be successful. There are many options for training across Utah and the United States. Some are more expensive than others (i.e. $5,500+) as well as other “pop up” training sessions that float to various cities across the country, yet provide no hands on training. Ultimately, you need to find an opportunity that best fits your budget and schedule! Some larger courses may have 10-15 students and may or may not allow practice on a model!

After 7 years of teaching courses, Dr. Hillary Taggart has honed her course to an art. She focuses on the most important concepts and adds stories, pearls and years of wisdom to make sure you learn as much as possible. She provides an incredible opportunity for those looking to learn how to do cosmetic injections. During her course you will learn:

  • Overview of aging
  • History of aesthetic industry-neurotoxins and fillers
  • Mechanism of action of neurotoxins and fillers
  • Anatomy of skin and face
  • Patient consultation
  • Product selection, reconstitution, depth
  • How, where, when and why to inject
  • Side effects and complications
  • How to get started/regulations/business tips and tricks

Each course is unique and taught to the students’ needs. Dr. Taggart has found that dentists may want to know about masseter Botox, a PA may need to know migraine point injections and an RN wanting to open her own clinic may need to know regulatory issues. Rest assured, whatever your background or desire to use cosmetic injectables in your clinic, Dr. Taggart will make sure to answer all of your questions. Her 10+ years of experience provides a wealth of knowledge both in a clinical and business setting.

Dr. Taggart’s cosmetic injectable training is only $2,900, with opportunities to shadow her in her own clinic afterwards. The value you receive in her course is unparalleled. Between her expertise in injecting, track record of organically growing her own private practice, and AMPLE teaching experience, she provides high quality, and thorough resources to teach and train the future of cosmetic injectors!

Interested? Don’t hesitate to reach out By Phone at 801-516-8884 or Email [email protected] to find out when the next courses are!


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