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Collagen Induction Therapy Services in Holladay, UT

Collagen Induction Therapy refers to the portion of blood-based components that can be broken down into individual components via the process of centrifugation to allow Modern SLC Injections & Aesthetics to harness the power of your most organic and natural products. The process begins with a small blood sample. This sample is then spun in a machine called a centrifuge to act upon the different densities of your blood’s natural components effectively sorting them by weight. Once separated, the various components can be easily retrieved for optimal use. One of Modern SLC Injections & Aesthetics’ main concerns is safety and optimal wellness for all of the clients who come in seek treatment. By utilizing organic and personalized products the providers at Salt Lake’s best Modern medical spa, effectively make the treatments as safe as possible. Collagen Induction Therapy is one of the safest treatments because it uses your own blood and components effectively eliminating any adverse reactions. The Collagen Induction Therapy is just that, platelet-rich. By re-enriching, your skin through small injections with your own plasma your body uses its own products and its own healing process to reinvigorate the skin. Traditionally, your body’s healing process forces a jumpstart and increase in collagen and elastin production to heal your body from an injury, like a cut or a scrape to reveal fresh, new skin. In the medical aesthetics services world, we can kickstart this process through “microtraumas” to avoid any excessive scarring only to utilize the increased collagen and elastin to show the same new skin, while refreshing and reinvigorating your skin without major downtime or traumas. By incorporating the Collagen Induction Therapy- we see a marked increase in the quality of this “healing” and rejuvenation.

Traditional medical use of Collagen Induction Therapy is injected for benefits throughout the musculoskeletal system. With benefits such as decreased chronic joint pain and improved bony and tendon healing, Collagen Induction Therapy has also been shown to be especially beneficial for antiaging and skincare needs. With the ability to reduce scarring, wrinkles, sun damage, and dark circles Collagen Induction Therapy is an anti-aging solution that everyone can benefit from. This revolutionary technique can be performed in a session of 30-45 minutes with results seen 4-6 weeks as the healing process occurs. With results lasting up to several years- who wouldn’t love the anti-aging effects of the therapy injection? Immediately following injection you may see mild bruising, redness, and/or swelling which typically resolves within 10-14 days.

Cost $550/tube

Modern SLC Injections & Aesthetics - Collagen Induction Therapy

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