Kybella Services in Holladay, UT-Deoxycholic Acid

Kybella is a product in a league of its own. It contains deoxycholic acid, which naturally occurs in the body, and is injected under the skin in areas where there are numerous fat cells. The most commonly treated areas are underneath the chin, in the jowls, or the area called the “bra fat bulge.” Kybella kills fat cells, leaving the skin surrounding the treatment areas intact, and those fat cells are entirely eliminated from the body, leaving you with permanent fat reduction in the injected area. Most Kybella treatments require a minimum of 2 vials.


Treatment cost is $550/vial

Quick Answers

The permanence of Kybella is what makes this treatment unique. When Kybella is injected into the undesired fat cells, they die and are eliminated from the body.

The actual needle pokes from Kybella do not hurt. However, for 5-10 minutes after getting Kybella, people experience pain similar to a toothache.

Kybella can be sold per vial, which usually ranges at most medspas in Utah from $600-700. At Modern SLC we only charge $550/vial. Underneath the chin usually requires two vials, and you may need up to four vials. In some places, such as the jowls on the face, you may only need 1/2 vial per side for a total of one vial. It is best to schedule a consultation to determine how much you will need for your desired result.

Kybella is a unique and effective medication, but like any medication, it is not for everyone. Usually, it is best for younger individuals to reduce unwanted fat on the face or small body areas. If it is a larger area, liposuction may be the better option. Our injectors are transparent, and if they don’t feel like Kybella will give you the results you desire, they will suggest other options. This could include liposuction, lower facelift (to be performed by a facial plastic surgeon), or our incredible Morpheus8 RF microneedling laser, which helps tightens the skin.

Swelling from Kybella is fairly significant, and this treatment should be planned 2-3 weeks before any event to allow swelling to subside. Typically, the worst swelling is the first 3-5 days. Bruising may also occur, with is typical for numerous treatments that include a needle.

After the swelling subsides in 3-5 days, you will start seeing results around the 6-week mark, but it can take up to a full 12 weeks to see the final result.