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Eyebrow Tint Services in Salt Lake City, Utah

Like the shape of your eyebrows but want an additional eye-catching pop? Brow tinting can add the additional enhancement you’re looking for! We start by finding a hue that closely mimics your natural brow tone. Utilizing a semi-permanent dye close to your natural colour allows an emphasis and accentuating feature, drawing eyes in. This technique does not fill any gaps in hair or change hair growth, it simply takes the hair you have and enhances it to appear thicker and groomed.

This simple technique leaves the semi-permanent dye to stain the hair in just a few minutes allowing it to easily fit your busy schedule. The dye pronounces your hair and typically lasts 4-6 weeks as the dye will slowly fade ensuring that you always look natural even as the treatment diminishes. Prolong time between tinting by avoiding oil-based and harsh products.

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