Brow Lamination: Make Your Brows Look Perfect

Admit it. There was a time when you spent hours perfecting your brows, only for them to come out uneven, unnatural, and just… ugly. But, thanks to this new beauty procedure— brow lamination— you can finally get the perfect eyebrows you have been trying to achieve since Day 1!

The standards for the “perfect” brows have constantly been changing. For the past decade alone, we have seen the eyebrow evolution. We had the natural, the arched, the straight, the thin line, the rounded, and the famous one at this moment— the bushy ones.

But regardless of what eyebrow shape or style suits you best, it is safe to say that the perfect brows are the ones that seem natural. The kind of brows that you just woke up into, not spending a single second fixing them. Thus, this is where brow lamination steps in and does the magic.


Brow lamination is a non-invasive procedure that “laminates” or straightens out your eyebrow hairs so that they lie full, straight, and in the correct direction. It is similar to perming, but instead of curling the eyebrow hairs, it straightens them. 

The treatment aims to groom your brows well, making them look bigger and fuller. Overall, brow lamination makes your eyebrows:

  • More fluffy
  • Fuller; and
  • Natural-looking

In addition to these benefits, the procedure does not have to be bloody because it is non-invasive, unlike micro-blading. The procedure is perfect for individuals with thin brows who want to make their brows fuller and fluffier in just 30 minutes without having to experience downtimes. And, the astonishing results last for 8 to 12 weeks!


Before the session, a patch test is done to determine if you have allergies or skin sensitivities, ensuring that the treatment is safe for you to undergo.

Although no significant preparation is required, it is best to avoid retinoids prior to the session to prevent irritation. You are also advised to come to the medical spa with fully grown, untrimmed, unwaxed, and unplucked eyebrows to make the brows look even later on.

Also, you cannot wet your brows 24 hours before the procedure. Thus, you may book your session in advance so you can plan exercises and showers.


After you are cleared with the patch test, you are now ready for the session. One brow lamination session lasts for around 30 to 45 minutes. It starts with your esthetician cleaning your brows and marking their recommended eyebrow shape. Then, they will thread stray brow hairs to have an excellent initial shape.

After this, the esthetician will fluff your brows using a solution and a tool to make the brow hair neat and straight. Next, a straightening lotion is applied to the brows, flattened under a clear wrap for 30 minutes. The straightening lotion is responsible for opening up the hair follicles, which makes the straight shape semi-permanent.

When the time for the straightening lotion to take effect is up, a settling cream slicked on your brows will be left for another eight minutes. Since this lotion is a little bit harsh, the esthetician will apply a hydrating oil serum to nourish the eyebrow hairs.

Tinting, although optional, may be done to make your eyebrows fuller.


On some hair types, brow lamination may make your brow hairs dry. So, it is usually recommended to stick to a brow routine involving brow oils to restore lost nutrients in the hair.

Moreover, to maintain the shape of your brows, make sure to brush it with a spoolie every day. You may also use a brow gel or brow soap, but never fill it in.


If you have had any reaction to perming solutions before, you may have slight redness after the procedure. To put it easier, a brow lamination procedure is similar to hair perm or lash lift. Thus if you have experienced side effects after the said treatments, you may want to inform your esthetician so they can counsel you.


Fortunately, this procedure is on the cheaper side of beauty treatments. In fact, you can book a brow lamination session for only $70-$95 at Modern SLC Injections & Aesthetics! They offer brow services such as basic brow lamination, brow lamination with tint, and deluxe brow lamination.


On average, the results of the procedure may last for 8 to 12 weeks, depending on your hair type. If you have thick hair, you may need to maintain it every eight weeks. But, if you have thin hair, you may go as far as twelve weeks.

It is also important to note that brow lamination is not a one-time-only solution. If you are consistent with your treatments, you may start to extend the time between treatments because your hair growth is also boosted.


Everyone! There is no limit on who can try brow lamination as it is suitable for all hair types. Also, the esthetician will make sure that your hair thickness can accommodate the solution before doing the treatment.

But to be specific, this treatment is perfect for people who:

  • are tired of grooming their brows every day
  • have over plucked brows causing gaps in the brow area
  • Have overwaxed eyebrows, resulting in stray hairs that grow in different directions 
  • are scared to try micro blading 
  • have thin eyebrow hair who always wanted to have thicker-looking brows


Brow lamination is truly a gem when it comes to brow care. It makes brow grooming easier, low-maintenance, and also has lowkey yet significant effects. It is also convenient for people scared of blades and blood because it is non-invasive and will only take half an hour for the whole session. To sum it up, brow lamination is definitely a must-try if you want to have perfect, “on fleek” eyebrows every time. So, if you are going to get those perfect brows, do not hesitate to ask a local medical spa near you!

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