Does Kybella Leave Scars Tissue? How Many Vials Needed for Double Chin and Bra Bulge?

The stubborn fat under our chins annoys many people, and despite our best efforts of weight loss, they seem never to go away. On top of that, even if you are not old, a double-chin facial structure will make someone look old. That itself can crush the self-esteem of many individuals, and that’s why more and more people are opting for cosmetic treatments such as Kybella. When we hear cosmetic treatments, many of us would assume that it requires surgery, which means incisions. Not only are they expensive, but many people think that surgery incisions leave scar tissues. Although they did remove their double-chin, they now have a scar running across their bottom chin. Many would imagine that most cosmetic treatments involve incisions, blood, and long recovery periods. Although you won’t experience pain under anesthesia, it’s still not comfortable that you are getting opened up. Understandably, many people are apprehensive about removing their double chin. Scary as that sounds, are all of these facts authentic? Do cosmetic treatments, like Kybella, leave scar tissue after the procedure? First, let’s understand what Kybella is and how it affects your body to answer these questions. 

What Is Kybella? 

As scary as cosmetic surgery sounds, Kybella is not one of them. No incisions, just you and some injection, and yes, you’ve heard that right. There’s no need for surgery to remove the fat under your chin permanently! Kybella is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that promises to remove your double chin once and for all. If you are familiar with Botox and other dermal filler treatments, then you will easily imagine what would Kybella treatment be like as I give you a better picture later. Kybella is a safe, injectable prescription medicine approved by the FDA. Kybella is a commercial name for deoxycholic acid, and this acid is a naturally occurring acid found in your body. So there are slim risks of side effects or allergies. Your body naturally produces this acid in your stomach. 

How Does Kybella Work? 

It seems strange that the treatment involves using an acid that is the same as the acid found in our stomachs. Of course, the acid used for the procedure is lab-created. However, the idea does seem peculiar. While it may seem peculiar, the idea behind using an acid similar to the ones found in our stomach is because of its properties. The deoxycholic acid in our stomach melts away the fat we consume in our diet, albeit not everything. So by that principle, we use deoxycholic acid, aka Kybella, in our double chins, and it should melt away the fats there. The use of Kybella is only approved for use in treating double chins, bra bulges, and jowls. So don’t expect to see Kybella anytime soon for weight loss. Perhaps even never, and FDA has good reasons why they make any note about the use of Kybella on other body parts other than the listed ones. Once Kybella is injected, the acid attacks the fat cells’ membranes, liquifying them. The action is very similar to your body digesting the fat and absorbing it into the body. Except, all of the effects take place in the chin, and the fat is also absorbed into the body. 

What To Prepare For In A Kybella Treatment?

Before the treatment, the medical staff will discuss with you your medical history to find out if you are applicable for the treatment or not. Tell the staff if you have any trouble swallowing or have a history of throat bleeding problems. Likewise, the current medical field doesn’t have enough research yet on the effects of Kybella on infants or the fetus. Currently, there aren’t sufficient studies on the impacts of Kybella on nursing mothers. So you might also want to tell them about your intentions on that as well. The procedure is non-invasive, so a simple facial wash is needed to avoid infections. 

What To Expect In A Kybella Treatment? 

The medical practitioners will inject the deoxycholic acid, and it will slowly kill the fat cells, reducing the appearance of a double chin. But before the procedure, the medical staff will mark the sites with a marker. Next, they will apply some anesthesia, ice packs, or numbing cream to minimize pain or discomfort. Typically, they will do 30 or even up to 50 injections under the chin. The effects of Kybells are gradual, and the fats will metabolize into the body for the following weeks. 

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

Generally, most people only require two treatments between four to six weeks apart. However, if severe submental fat is in your chin, you may need to undergo four to six treatments. Expect noticeable results after two to four treatments. 

Does Kybella Leave Scar Tissue?

Kybella treatment doesn’t involve incisions or other surgical methods like liposuction and fat excision. These traditional procedures require anesthesia and can cause infections, bruising, and scarring. Since Kybella is a simple injection, it’s a guarantee that you won’t experience scars after the procedure. The downtime of the treatment is minimal. You can go on with your routine as soon as you are out of the clinic. 

Other Applications Of Kybella 

The FDA has also approved Kybella treatment to remove fat in the jowls and remove bra bulges. Removing the Bra bulges and jowls is the same as removing the double chin. So you don’t have to change your preparations. 

How Many Vials Needed for Double Chin and Bra Bulge?

How many vials you need for the treatments depends on how much fat needs to be melted away. However, most clinics offer two vials per treatment session, but they will adjust accordingly to the client’s needs. 

Side Effects?

Although Kybella treatments are non-invasive, there are a few instances of people experiencing side effects such as swelling, pain, bruising, numbness, and redness. However, these effects are mild, and they will go away on their own after a few weeks. 

Say Goodbye To Your Double Chin!

If you have a persistent problem with your double chin, bra bulges, and jowl, say goodbye to them soon! If you are looking for a solution for those problems, reach out to Dr. Hillary Taggart. She aims to provide the best service at optimal prices.

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