How is Kybella different from other classic fat reduction techniques? Why does it only work on the chin region?

A double chin is an annoying issue that enhances the early signs of aging along with the formation of jowls and increased laugh lines around the mouth. Some of the younger individuals face the issue of double chin even at the younger ages. As it is an annoying issue, patients want to eliminate the issue without any other hiccups. Luckily, with the advancements in aesthetic technology, there are ways to eliminate the double chin issue along with a fat reduction in some of the other regions of the body with Kybella.

Double chin issue:

  • Possibly, a double chin issue would be one of the most irritating issues for a beauty-concerned individual. It results in disfiguring of facial features and increases the appearance of aging. The development of lower chin fat under the chin also termed as the double chin is seen as a common feature in older people. But when the younger generation faces this issue it will have a dent in the self-esteem of the individual. This presence of a double chin is more uncomfortable when there is no fat present on other regions of the body and it doesn’t respond to your strict diet and exercise. This accumulation of fat in the double chin regions is more stubborn that is not easy to be eliminated with even regular massages. People are generally fearful about some other techniques like liposuction which involve severe downtime.
  • Cosmetic surgeries and liposuction are considered to go-to procedures for eliminating chin fat. Some surgical procedures are not suitable for all types of patients and it has a possible danger of risks after completion. This includes the longer downtime and imbalanced chin shape. Even with loads of advancements in surgical procedures, there are minimal techniques available to cure this effectively, one of them being Kybella.

About Kybella for fat reduction:

Kybella is a popular fat reduction treatment that is unique from its counterparts. The main ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid that is present naturally in the body. This compound is injected into the skin region where there is a huge accumulation of fat cells, especially in the double chin, jowls, and bra fat budge. It kills the fat cells offering a permanent effect of fat reduction in the region.

Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid, that is produced naturally in the body to aid in absorbing fat. Kybella injections make use of a synthetic form of this compound to destroy the fat cells under the skin. Once these cells are killed, they will no longer come back to store fat. But the results are on the positive side when these injections are administered by an expert. Improper usage of deoxycholic acid can destroy other healthy cells in the region of its administration.

Kybella for fat reduction procedure:

  • The procedure for controlling the compound is secure, non-surgical, and effective when performed by an aesthetic expert. IF required a local numbing cream can be used in the injection region to reduce the discomfort. The target region is marked carefully and the skin expert will start injecting the compound. The total number of injections is reliant on the condition of a specific patient and fat reduction needs. This is a simple treatment that usually gets completed in 20 minutes. An important benefit of this treatment is that it involves no downtime and the majority of them see the results only in two to three sessions. Again, the number of sessions will be dependent on the number of fat cells to be eliminated,
  • The use of injectable fillers and neuromodulators for reducing fat will need more time to show the results. But Kybella makes use of Deoxycholic acid that acts more easily on the target cells without employing surgical methods to reduce the skin sagging issues. It is suggested to take a thorough consultation in the first meeting to makes sure if you are the ideal candidate for taking this procedure. The best candidate will be an adult over 18 years with a double chin issue. This treatment is not suited for people if you had or planning to undergo facial surgery, having swallowing problems, nursing or pregnant, or are having an active skin infection near the target region.

Advantages of Kybella treatment relative to other double chin treatments:

  • Even though the fat layers are removed in one session of liposuction, the recovery period will be more prolonged.
  • Even though Kybella would need more sessions than surgical methods, it is less invasive and avoids the risks of anesthesia and other side-effects. There may be minor side effects like redness, bruising, swelling, or pain which will fade off in few days.
  • Kybella may be a bit expensive than other traditional surgical methods, it is affordable when compared to other advantages over the other treatments.
  • Kybella is usually employed to eliminate fat in double chin regions. But with expert care, it has also been employed to correct the jowls and bra fat budge. But it will need the expertise of a skillful skin injector and must not be tried without prior practical knowledge or proper experience.
  • Some of the other methods for eliminating double chin like Thread lifts are not very effective. They have been shown to induce more complications like necrosis, inflammation, visibility of threads, and spreading to other regions. Another common effect of thread lifting is its ability to show no effect in showcasing positive results.
  • With an ability to offer highly successful results, Kybella injections are the best way to eliminate the double chin issue for most individuals. The advantage of no downtime, optimal safety, swift treatment time, assured outcome and permanent effect makes it the best choice.

Final thoughts:

Dr. Hillary Taggart is an experienced leading injector who is skillful in aiding her clients to get natural-looking and smooth outcomes. She is passionate about offering a customized experience added with superior service and optimal client care.

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