How Long Before RF Microneedling Takes Effect (and More Details)

Microneedling is a popular cosmetic treatment that stimulates collagen growth in the skin. But there is another form of microneedling that takes the regular results to the next level. This post focuses on the benefits of RF microneedling, how it works, how long before the effects kick in, and more.

What is RF Microneedling?

RF microneedling stands for radiofrequency microneedling. This form of treatment adds radiofrequency to achieve a more profound effect than the regular procedure.

Explaining Regular Microneedling

Regular microneedling uses microscopic needles that glide across the skin to create micro-injuries, holes, or channels. In response, the body triggers its self-repair processes to heal the micro-injuries inflicted on the skin. The body stimulates collagen production; collagen is the fundamental building block of healthy and smooth skin. Collagen is a protein the body produces to form the skin. As we age, we naturally lose collagen, resulting in less firm, less elastic, and rougher skin. Additionally, when we injure our skin, the body produces tons of collagen to repair the damage.

The problem with severe damages is that the body tries to repair them as quickly as possible. So the collagen forms the skin in a crisscross pattern instead of the usual but more complex basket-weave pattern. The abnormality of the skin formation where the damage or wound used to be is what we perceive as scars. But in the case of microneedling, the damage to the skin is microscopic that they don’t lead to scarring. However, the body perceives these damages as severe enough to trigger an increased production of beneficial collagen.

Explaining RF Microneedling

RF microneedling takes everything that regular microneedling has and adds radiofrequency to it. RF microneedling still uses tiny needles that glide across the skin. But while the needles are in the skin for a fraction of a second, they emit radiofrequency. Without getting into the very technical science of the term, let’s just say that radiofrequency produces heat. That heat penetrates the skin deeper than the needles. It causes more significant coagulation of the fluids beneath the skin, resulting in considerably more intense skin tightening and collagen production. The simple addition of radiofrequency to microneedling takes the effects to the next level. Not only does this process create more drastic and noticeable results, but it also expedites the manifestation of said results. 

RF microneedling is around three to five times more potent than regular microneedling. Three factors contribute to its higher efficacy level. Those factors are:

  • RF microneedling penetrates the skin more deeply
  • It features radiofrequency
  • The machine has different settings for better precision

Furthermore, choosing RF microneedling over regular microneedling is fiscally more beneficial. In Utah, where Dr. Hillary Taggart, NP, operates, microneedling costs around $300 to $400 each session. On the other hand, RF microneedling costs around $500 to $1000, depending on the treatment area. RF microneedling is three to five times more effective than regular microneedling, so the cost discrepancy makes RF microneedling more cost-effective. It takes about three to five times standard microneedling sessions to achieve the results of one RF microneedling session.

Benefits of RF Microneedling

RF microneedling produces the same results as regular microneedling. However, it magnifies those results. The benefits of RF microneedling include:

  • Treating acne scars
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Combats hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating under the arms)
  • Erases stretch marks and scars on the body
  • Burns undesirable fat under the chin and other areas of the body
  • Tightens skin to make it more youthful
  • Lessens hyperpigmentation
  • Tightens and minimizes pores

How Long Before RF Microneedling Take Effect

It takes time for the body to produce enough collagen to make drastic changes in its appearance. The several factors affecting the amount of time are genetics, diet, health habits, and more. However, the general amount of time for RF microneedling to produce noticeable results is about four to six weeks. But when you notice results, that does not mean that RF microneedling has done its work. It will make the skin around six months to remodel itself fully and achieve the final result. The effects of RF microneedling may last for years, depending on smoking status, diet, sun exposure, age, and more.

How Does the Procedure Go?

Before the procedure occurs, the cosmetician will ask you questions that determine your validity as a candidate for the treatment. Your medical history and condition of the treatment site, such as active acne breakouts or susceptibility to cold sores, are essential details. When the aesthetician confirms your validity as a candidate, you are ready for the treatment. The procedure begins with the provider sterilizing the treatment site with alcohol to prevent infection. Then they apply a topical anesthetic – in some cases, injecting anesthesia is necessary – and wait for it to numb the area. After an hour, the aesthetician uses the RF microneedling device across the treatment area.

Dr. Hillary Taggart only uses the best and latest RF microneedling technology: the Morpheus8 by InMode. Depending on what the cosmetician treats, it will take about ten to twenty minutes to use the device. The procedure ends with the healthcare provider applying growth and soothing solution to the treated area. The growth solution enhances cell regeneration and supports self-repair, while the soothing solution reduces post-treatment discomfort.

Does RF Microneedling Require Downtime or Recovery Period?

RF microneedling does not require downtime or a recovery period. It is a minimally invasive procedure that does not severely damage the skin. However, you can take steps to prevent unwanted complications. You should avoid wearing makeup 24 hours after the treatment. Use ice packs if there is swelling on the treatment site. Wear sunscreen because the skin becomes more sensitive to sun exposure. Use antibiotic creams if the provider prescribes them. And only use gentle cleansers for a few days after the treatment.

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