While Botox and Fillers are often lumped into the same category, it is important to understand the difference! Fillers emphasize and focus on volumizing and filling out the skin to mimic bones and fat under the skin. With a range of lasting results, you will typically see your desired filler effect for 6-24 months depending upon the treatment area and type of filler utilized.

Fillers come in pre-filled syringes with approximately 1-milliliter quantity. Typically sold by syringe- we will help guide you to how many syringes will be needed based upon desired look and treatment area. Age, volume loss, and desired look all play a key role in this dosing. Many of our fillers comprised of hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring component important for the structure of collagen and connective tissue health). Since the main component of our dermal fillers is a natural, and organically occurring substance allergic reactions is extremely low making this a very safe treatment for a majority of our clients! On the off chance, you have had dermal fillers applied and not liked the result, it is also easy to remove! With the use of an additional injectable, we can dissolve the area you don’t like and can help get you to the aesthetic goals you have dreamed of! Hillary has many years of experience helping young ladies and men reverse fillers that they have done via Groupon or an inexperienced injector and utilize her skilled touch to enhance their beauty and achieve their treatment goals.

Many of our clients come to the initial consultation with fears of looking overdone or fake- with Hillary’s skill and treatment protocols she will never use too much filler or the inappropriate filler for your goals. Her years of experience, highly trained hand, and listening ear will surely provide you with the result you so desire! Please reference the table below for approximate filler dosing and prices for commonly treated areas! See the descriptions of the host of dermal fillers Hillary has on hand to create the most optimal result for you!

Area Treated Approximate Cost
Mini Lip (1/2 syringe) $375
Full Lip $550
Under Eyes $550-750
Nasolabial Folds/ Smile Lines $550
Cheeks $750
Jawline $750
Chin $750
Downturn smile $550
Temporal Hollows $750
  • Juvéderm-Hyaluronic acid-based

Juvéderm has a nice thickness to it that makes it great for volumizing and is commonly used in the lips for luscious, full lips. It can also be used in the jawline, chin, and nasolabial folds. You can expect it to last 6+ months.

  • Restylane-Hyaluronic acid-based

Restylane is similar to Juvederm but is slightly softer. It is also commonly used in the lips, nasolabial folds and is a go-to for many injectors under the eyes. You can expect it to last 6+ months.

  • Vollure-Hyaluronic acid-based

Vollure is a very soft filler used to treat superficial and fine lines. It can also be used on the lips to give a more hydrated look. Because it is so soft, it spreads easily and can be used virtually anywhere on the face. You can expect it to last 12+ months.

  • Restylane Refyne-Hyaluronic acid-based

Refyne is a beautiful soft filler similar to Vollure, with perhaps a little more volume to it. Due to newer technology, it allows it to flex beautifully, creating a more natural result. Hillary loves to put this in thinner or aging lips as it adds some volume without looking “ducky” or fake. It also can be used to etch out any superficial or fine lines. You can expect it to last 12+ months.

  • Restylane Defyne-Hyaluronic acid-based

Defyne is similar to Juvederm or Restylane but has a newer technology that allows it to flex with the tissue. It works well in nasolabial folds, lips, marionette lines, and to etch out any deeper creases. You can expect it to last 12+ months.

  • Restylane Lyft-Hyaluronic acid-based

Lyft is a harder filler that lifts, defines, and restores volume to the cheeks. It also works great for chin augmentation, non-surgical nose jobs, and jawline contouring. You can expect it to last 18-24 months.

  • Radiesse-Calcium Hydroxylapatite

This unique filler comes in a 1.5ml prefilled syringe as opposed to virtually all the other ones that come in 1ml syringes. Unlike its hyaluronic acid counterparts, this filler stimulates collagen production. It is great for cheeks, jawline, temporal hollows, and chin augmentation. You can expect it to last 6-12+ months depending on how your body responds to it.

  • Voluma-Hyaluronic acid-based

Voluma is similar to Restylane Lyft, in that it is perfect for cheeks, jawline, chin, and nose augmentation. However, it tends to maybe have a softer look and less lifting capability. It also should last 18-24 months.

  • Restylane Kysse

Kysse is a beautiful filler that is perfect to give you a nice fuller lip without looking fake or ducky. FDA approved in 2020, it has quickly become an injector’s favorite filler for lip enhancements!

*Expectation for the duration of a product depends on many factors such as how quickly your body breaks it down, where it is placed (lips move a lot and tend to break filler down more quickly), and how much you work out.

**Please note that the descriptions above are based on Hillary’s personal experience. Each injector may have a different opinion and description of the products. However, in an attempt to educate you and help you understand the different properties of the various products, Hillary has described them as such.

Quick Answers

Although many people fear they’ll end up with crazy big lips, frozen foreheads, and smiles- this is not the case with a highly trained hand and a listening ear! Cosmetic injections can be subtle and natural to maintain a youthful look.

A cannula is different from a regular needle. It is skinny and long like a needle, but instead of having a sharp point on the end, it is round and closed. The hole where the filler comes out is on the side. A needle is used to make a small opening or channel in the skin and then the cannula is inserted which allows the injector access under the skin to “push” through the tissues instead of “pierce” the tissues like a needle. This technique is used to reduce bruising and to use in places to avoid complications with blood vessels making this a safer alternative to utilizing a needle.

While this procedure is lowkey and many first-time clients leave saying “Oh, that’s all it was?!” there are some important steps to take for post-treatment care! It is best to avoid anything that can thin the blood or make you bruise such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or alcohol for 7 days before the injection. Filler can cause some mild swelling for 3-5 days after but resolves within the first week or two. It is best to get Filler done at least 2 weeks before any big event to make sure you have enough time to heal from the procedure.

Of course, this is by far one of the most common concerns people have when getting injected, and rightfully so! Like anything, lip injections can be done poorly, overdone, and appear “off” due to poor product choice. Hillary takes her time to discuss things with you to make sure you’re both on the same page with your desired results to eliminate this risk. Additionally, she can show you how your lips are looking in between pokes to make sure you are comfortable with the outcome. Her goal is to make you LOVE your injections. Plus, she doesn’t believe in duck lips-so no worries, pinky promise, no duck lips!

First, read the above. The same concept applies. But there is more variation in filler in that maybe one month you’ll come in and get your cheeks done. Then two months later you’ll want to get your lips done in time for Valentine’s day or a fun trip. So, you should get filler done when you’d like. Plus, everyone’s filler will last different lengths so please don’t just get your lips filled every 6 months cause some injector once told you to-cause there may still be plenty of product in there! The good news is that if you don’t need any, Hillary will always say no. She understands that injections can become addictive in one’s quest for the holy grail of youth. But she’ll keep you in check!

Fillers are both broken down naturally by your body over 3-4 months. Last Once injected into the body, these medications are naturally broken down. However, if you are dissatisfied or need any adjustment to dermal filler placements, there is the option to have it “dissolved” if seeing an undesirable effect. This medication immediately breaks down the dermal filler.

Of course, living in Utah is a common question. Technically, no fillers really move much from when you place them. So it probably wouldn’t be an issue. But then there are these people called lawyers and they LOVE opportunities to sue people. Plus, if something happened to your baby while pregnant you might try to blame it on yourself for getting injections, and let’s be honest none of that is worth it! So let’s just avoid getting things done while pregnant. However, most nursing hotlines and OB/GYNs will tell you it’s fine to do while breastfeeding. Just make sure you bring the baby with you so Hillary can see how cute it is!