Is Microneedling Effective and Safe for Acne Scars?

We all have some flaws in our skin that make us feel more or less good about ourselves. Acne is a common skin problem; it can change how the skin looks when it gets awful.

It’s not only annoying — and disturbing — while there but also leaves scars and discoloration after it’s gone. So to help reduce or even get rid of them, there’s this treatment called Microneedling. 

Microneedling? What is it about?

Modern SLC Injections & Aesthetics guide you on whether Microneedling can be effective and safe for acne scars. We’ll give you additional info that can also help you decide whether this treatment is for you or not. 

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is the most recommended to improve the texture and tone of the skin regarding acne scars. Microneedling treats acne scars by making tiny holes in the top layer of skin with tiny needles. This causes collagen production to go up in the areas where the micro-wounds are made.

The extra collagen acts like fillers, smoothing the skin around the scars and making the skin look better overall. The best thing about this treatment is that microneedling is a safe and effective way to treat acne scars and other skin problems.

Does acne scar microneedling work on all kinds of scars?

Most acne scars look like hollows of different sizes. These are called atrophic scars. The microtrauma caused by microneedling makes the body make more growth factors, which are proteins that help damaged skin grow back. 

As these growth factors are sent to the epidermis, and the skin makes new cells, the hollows are filled in from the inside, and the texture becomes less noticeable.

Depending on the type of atrophic scarring, microneedling for acne scars will either work quickly or not. Different kinds of atrophic acne scars include:

  • Boxcar – a spot shaped with vast hollows and clear edges.
  • Rolling – scars that depths vary, no clear edges.
  • Ice pick – something that hollows that are small but deep.

Microneedling is an efficient way to treat boxcars and rolling scars. Still, ice-pick scars can be hard to eliminate.

Acne scars can also look like hypertrophic or keloid scars, caused by scar tissue growing up from the skin’s surface. Microneedling can be a very good way to treat scars like these.

Lastly, acne can leave spots that are a different color. This isn’t scarring, and these dark spots will likely fade over time, but microneedling can make a big difference for people who don’t want to wait.

Is Microneedling Good For Active Acne?

No, you shouldn’t use microneedling on acne that is already there. Acne is caused by sebum getting stuck in pores, where bacteria can grow. 

If needles are used to open them up and then go over healthy skin, the bacteria spreads. Plus, the skin that is already red will get even worse.

Microneedling Treatments at Modern SLC Injections & Aesthetics

At Modern SLC, we offer two kinds of Microneedling so that all our clients can get the best results. Choose from any of these, or you can consult our team to know more details about each method. 

SkinPen for microneedling

SkinPen for microneedling is best for anyone who wants to improve the texture of their skin can use the SkinPen to do microneedling, also called micropenning. 

This works great if you have scars, large pores, or fine lines or want to stop your skin from getting older too quickly. So, in general, it is safe for acne scars and can also be effective in treating those concerns. 

How to prepare for this session?

Stop using active exfoliants at least 5–7 days before your appointment. This includes retinol, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and benzoyl peroxide, among other things. 

If you use these items to get microneedling, you may be more likely to react badly to the treatment. Tell your aesthetician if you are on antibiotics or other prescription drugs. 

These things may also make your skin more sensitive. Avoid direct sunlight and make sure your skin isn’t burned when you come in for your treatment.

Morpheus8 for RF microneedling

Radiofrequency microneedling treatment is the newest and best thing in the world of medical aesthetics. The Morpheus8 laser gives you the best results you could want. This laser can change your skin’s history by focusing on its different layers. 

This powerful but minimally invasive laser treatment reorganizes the base of your skin to make it look younger from the inside out. So how does it work?

Morpheus8 works by penetrating the skin 2-3mm (on the face) or up to 7mm (on the body) with tiny, insulated pins emitting radio frequency energy at the desired depth. 

This starts the body’s natural healing response, making the body make more collagen. This makes the skin tighter at a deeper level, and as the laser is moved closer to the skin’s surface, it also makes fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable.

Who’s the ideal candidate?

Microneedling with radio frequency is like boot camp for your skin. This is the treatment for you if you want to lift and tighten any part of your body. We can work on any body part, including the face and neck. 

It can take a while to see the results, but they are worth the wait. This would be an excellent way to treat anyone with very deep acne scars or any other kind of scar on their body. 

This treatment is for people who have had significant surgery at least six months ago and have a scar they don’t like. It is also the best treatment for people who want to make their skin tighter and firmer.

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