How Long Does Brow Wax Last?

Getting those perfectly-shaped eyebrows is a challenge. While there are many ways to shape your eyebrows, a common way to do it is to wax them. It’s quick, easy, and gives you great results.

Besides, you can choose to get your waxing done at the salon, or you can even do it at home. Yet, you must understand that waxing is not a fix that lasts forever. So, how long does it take to wax your eyebrows if that’s the case? 

Modern SLC Injections & Aesthetics is here to help and guide you about waxing your brows. Read this post and check details on how long brow wax last — whether you need them or not!

How Long Does Brow Wax Last?

A waxed brow can last for up to 5 weeks. But this doesn’t mean you won’t have hair for five weeks. You might see hair returning as soon as 3–4 weeks after your wax.

If you wax your eyebrows, do they get thinner?

We’ve all heard that waxing makes hair thinner and finer when it grows back. Waxing can cause hair to grow thinner because the hair follicle is damaged when it is pulled out and still growing.

Many people think this is a great thing about waxing, especially for places like the underarms, legs, and privates. But, when it comes to eyebrows, if you get your eyebrows waxed too often, it can damage the hair follicles in a way that you can’t fix. 

Worse, they may get weaker and thinner as they grow up. Or at all. Even though it seems like a win on your legs or bikini line, we’re talking about your face. 

No matter what shapes of brows are in or out of style, bald spots will probably never be on the list of trendy brows. So, even if your eyebrows are thick, only the part you are waxing will get thinner, not the rest.

If you can help it, you don’t want to end up with eyebrows that aren’t even at all! To help you understand better, here’s the main difference between the two popular methods. 

Brow Threading vs. Waxing

The natural choice comes down to whether to thread or wax your eyebrows. It’s helpful to know what each process involves and what the pros and cons of each are.

Eyebrow Waxing

During an eyebrow wax, the beauty therapist carefully applies warm wax to the hairs that will be pulled out. Then, they put a small strip of paper on the area, press down on it, and quickly pull the form away, pulling the hairs out with it.

How long does it take to wax your eyebrows?

We already said that a waxed eyebrow could last up to five weeks. Some people may not see any regrowth for five weeks, while others may start to see it at the 3–4 week mark.

Brow Waxing at Modern SLC Injections & Aesthetics

At Modern SLC Injections & Aesthetics, we help you add something new to your usual eyebrow wax. Let us help you get and keep the eyebrow shape you want with the help of Taryn, a licensed esthetician at Modern SLC Injections & Aesthetics.

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Eyebrows Threading

Even though eyebrow threading seems new because of how popular it has become, it has been around for hundreds of years. The process goes with the skin of the brow pulled tight, and the wax-coated thread is twisted around the hairs to quickly pull them out of the follicle.

So, which one is better?

Waxing is easy to find and is often recommended for people who find threading more painful. It works quickly and gives good results. Most people find that their eyebrow hairs get softer and more refined over time and as they get waxed more often. 

People with thick eyebrows can also benefit from waxing because it can eliminate much hair at once. But when you wax, it’s much harder to get a clear finish. 

Some people can’t use it, like those with sensitive skin, those getting chemical peels, or those using retinol (an ingredient in some anti-aging creams). On the other hand, eyebrow threading is thought to be better for people with sensitive skin, skin allergies, or who have had bad reactions to waxing in the past. 

Threading is more accurate, especially when done by a skilled person who can roll tiny hairs into the waxed thread and the bigger ones. There is less to do to get ready and clean up than when you wax.

But a lot of people say that threading hurts more than waxing. It’s also harder to do, and if the skin on the brow isn’t held tight, minor cuts can happen by accident. 

The real reason threading can seem more painful is that you have to do it repeatedly. During waxing, the wax strip is pulled off in one quick motion.

How Often Do You Need To Brow Wax?

You’ll see how important they are and how removing hair at different stages of growth changes how it grows back. Most waxing clinics will suggest you get waxed every 3 – 4 weeks. If the follicles are too short, the wax won’t be able to stick to them. 

During this time, the hair is still growing. Waxing during the growing phase of the hair cycle, when the hair is most firmly rooted in the follicle, will make hair grow back thinner. 

This is because the wax pulls the hair out and hurts the hair follicles. So, the more you wax, the more damage you do to your skin. And over time, the hair will get thinner, weaker, or even stop growing back.

If you wax or pluck your hair once or twice, it won’t hurt the hair follicle or change the way your hair grows or how thick it is. But waxing too often during the growth phase will eventually damage the hair follicle in a way that you can’t fix.

Once you get your eyebrows waxed for the first time, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the hair to grow back. Once it gets to the transition phase, it stops growing. The follicle gets smaller and moves closer to the skin’s surface. 

When waxed, it pulls the hair out of the follicle much more efficiently and with much less stress on the follicle. For your eyebrows, you don’t want to wax when the hair is growing out because it could cause damage and hair loss. It would be best to wait at least four to six weeks between waxing.

Choosing The Best Ones For Your Brows

The best way to start thinking about your choices is to eliminate one. People no longer think plucking is an excellent way to shape and care for brows. Follicles can’t grow as well if you don’t use tweezers well or if you pull them out too often. 

Reaching for the tweezers is a great way to get rid of those stray hairs that pop up between treatments, but it’s not an excellent way to shape your brows. This is because every time you pull a hair out, you risk breaking it at the root, and it won’t grow back.

Still, you might want to get some expert help for better decisions! Contact us here at Modern SLC Injections & Aesthetics at your convenience. Book an appointment today and discover how our Brow Wax treatment can save and help you. 

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